CrossFit Chill (Loft): 75 MINUTES

This class is taught by:

Laura Willson

Laura is a certifited 200-hour RYT whose yoga practice started in 2011 when she was looking for a fresh, new way to sweat and fell in love with the fluidity and freedom of movement she found in vinyasa yoga.
As a competitive runner and cycling enthusiast, yoga turned out to perfectly compliment all aspects of her workout. The physically challenging poses have been equal parts invigorating and humbling, and her practice has become a journey of self-discovery working through the challenging postures she never imagined being able to do.
More importantly, yoga has given Laura a deeper sense of body awareness, where she has learned to be much more in tune to what her body is telling her. Laura’s classes are rooted in the practice of vinyasa-style yoga, where breath and movement flow together through logically sequenced, challenging postures. Leave negativity at the door – possibilities are endless with an open mind.

Jill Stein Lipset

Jill Stein Lipset has a diverse background and wears a lot of hats at The Power House. She’s an owner, performance coach, health coach and marketing manager! Jill got into the coaching because she cares deeply about promoting healthy living and nurturing influential communities. As a coach, Jill epitomizes active listening, and makes each client feel heard and supported. To Jill, winning your life means being part of a community that is positively impacting the world, finding emotional, mental and spiritual alignment, continuously improving and exploring, and working toward big, hairy, audacious goals that are exciting and challenging. When Jill isn't working or doing pistol squats, she is cooking a healthy meal, catching a play at a theater, playing with her two daughters or traveling with her family.

Tim Brown

Tim began practicing yoga in 2004 as a balance to his interests as a competitive cyclist and avid outdoor athlete. He loves the active stretching and the feeling of a workout without “working out” that yoga provides and the calm, quiet mind that results. Balancing poses and inversions are his favorite postures. Tim also completed his CrossFit Level 1 training in 2015 and brings a unique perspective to his coaching, blending the best of yoga and strength into a cohesive functional movement framework.

Logan U'u

Logan U’u is a performance coach at The Power House. Logan got into coaching through owner and head coach, Max Lipset. In his words, he helped Max with a small group training session one day, and hasn’t turned back since. Logan is without a doubt the gym’s humble warrior, and he finds fulfillment in helping others. His creativity and mindfulness allows him to craft spot-on programs that best fit his clients, and his genuine character keeps them coming back. To Logan, winning your life means confronting fears and insecurities, and learning to rise above them. When Logan isn’t breathing or in savasana, he enjoys spending time in silence, going for walks around his neighborhood and observing plant life -- he just loves how the seasons change.
CrossFit Chill is a Power House original. Imagine CrossFit...but with less grunting and competition. Imagine Yoga...but with a dynamic functional strength portion taught by professional coaches.

Who is CrossFit Chill for? We venture to say everyone.

  • CrossFitters who need to tone it down a few times a week and add in a more low impact, breathing-focused, flexibility and mobility-designed program into their workout regime.
  • Yogis who need to build functional strength and a heart rate conditioning base that they cannot get in a classic yoga class.
  • Endurance athletes who need the mobility of yoga and strength of CrossFit.
  • Beginners who are interested in strength training but are intimidated by CrossFit or are nervous of jumping in too fast without the proper form, or may still be rehabbing an old injury.

This 60 minute class will begin with a warmup sequence that will build heat through breath work, warm up the muscles and joints through slower yoga-inspired movements, and provide a grounding and meditation focus for class.

CrossFit Chill instructors will methodically coach students through CrossFit-style movements, such as squats, pushups, pull-ups, cleans, kettle bell complexes, and presses in a fun, friendly, and encouraging group class environment. A major focus will be on proper technique and quality reps over quantity. Bad form is never chill.

CrossFit Chill classes wrap up with a juicy cool down, offering longer poses to stretch your muscles, slow down your heart rate, and relax into the benefits of your practice. Joined with sweet tunes and happy vibes, CrossFit Chill is cooler than a polar bear's toenails.