Vinyasa Yoga (Loft)

This class is taught by:

Sydney Holly

Sydney has been teaching yoga since 2001 and has received teaching certifications from Be Yoga and Yoga Works. She is 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified.
Sydney’s dynamic teaching style incorporates the alignment pranayama and philosophy of Yogi Raj Alan Finger’s ISHTA system with the flowing movement of Vinyasa. She is best known for her elegant sequencing and her ability to breakdown postures into their essential elements. She believes in developing a body that can perform at its maximum efficiency and encourages her students to explore their perceived limitations. Sydney believes a thoughtful yoga practice can bring clarity, harmony and inspiration to your life allowing you to live to your fullest potential.

Laura Willson

Laura is a certifited 200-hour RYT whose yoga practice started in 2011 when she was looking for a fresh, new way to sweat and fell in love with the fluidity and freedom of movement she found in vinyasa yoga.
As a competitive runner and cycling enthusiast, yoga turned out to perfectly compliment all aspects of her workout. The physically challenging poses have been equal parts invigorating and humbling, and her practice has become a journey of self-discovery working through the challenging postures she never imagined being able to do.
More importantly, yoga has given Laura a deeper sense of body awareness, where she has learned to be much more in tune to what her body is telling her. Laura’s classes are rooted in the practice of vinyasa-style yoga, where breath and movement flow together through logically sequenced, challenging postures. Leave negativity at the door – possibilities are endless with an open mind.

Tim Brown

Tim began practicing yoga in 2004 as a balance to his interests as a competitive cyclist and avid outdoor athlete. He loves the active stretching and the feeling of a workout without “working out” that yoga provides and the calm, quiet mind that results. Balancing poses and inversions are his favorite postures. Tim also completed his CrossFit Level 1 training in 2015 and brings a unique perspective to his coaching, blending the best of yoga and strength into a cohesive functional movement framework.
The Power House Yoga is a steady and dynamic practice linking breath and movement. Elegant sequencing helps build heat, concentration, endurance, strength and flexibility in equal measure. Postures will be cued verbally and through demonstration, and hands-on adjustments will be provided when appropriate.
Integrating yoga into our members' fitness routines will keep each athlete growing in their body awareness, alignment, and movement quality. Our yoga classes are designed for excellent recovery from CrossFit, sports performance and strength work, as well as a different kind of challenge and stimulus to the body.  
The Power House Yoga is geared for all levels of yogis- from first-time beginners to intermediate and advanced practitioners. Advanced asanas, including inversions and arm balances, will be offered as well as modifications.