Josh Gray

Josh Gray is a performance coach at The Power House. Josh has been an athlete his entire life and got into coaching while training with owner and head coach, Max Lipset. Josh is a firm believer in “Kaizen”, or constant improvement, and seeks to help people become the best version of themselves. Josh also developed a passion for coaching through injury, and because of this, Josh specializes in working with injured athletes. To Josh, winning your life means always improving even if life doesn’t go as planned. He believes everything happens for a reason and that he can always learn from his experiences. When Josh isn’t at work or working on his Olympic lifts, he is playing basketball and golf … if the weather cooperates, that is.

Josh Gray instructs the following:
  • CrossFit
  • Our Power House CrossFit classes are focused on movement quality, skill progressions, and FUN! CrossFit classes include a skill-based warm-up, skill or strength training, the Workout of the Day (or “WOD”), and mobility work. The workouts can always be scaled so that new athletes can workout alongside veteran athletes. On some days, the WOD will be a 10-20 minute metabolic conditioning workout that combines several movements or exercises that are grouped into sets and either completed for time or in as many rounds a possible (“AMRAP”). On other days, the class will focus on a strength piece (like a 1 rep max deadlift) followed by a shorter metabolic conditioning “finisher” workout. 

  • 12 Days of Christmas WOD
  • What is that you say? All you want for Christmas is Burpees, Thrusters, Pullups, Box Jumps, and Deadlifts? Well, call us Santa. You've all been good boys and girls this year.
    Come celebrate the holiday with your gym family with a 12 Days of Christmas workout! Bring the friends and family!

  • Midline & Mobility (Loft)
  • Midline & Mobility is an active recovery class that focuses on engaging your core to support mobility throughout your body, as well as lengthen and decompress your spine.

    Our Midline & Mobility work pulls from the bodies of knowledge from yoga, classical Pilates, and mobilitywod, and we focus on mobilizing the entire body through movement. Pilates elements will work on flexing and extending throughout the body while developing more core capacity. The yoga and mobilitywod-style pieces will identify trigger points and inflexibility and provides movements and exercises to correct them.

    Adding this class into your weekly training is a necessary for working on mobility issues, past injuries, and developing awareness in a low impact way that is beneficial to all athletes and lifters. We will pay special attention to developing a practice that benefits healthy shoulders, a healthy spine and core strength- all things critical to sport performance and CrossFit.