The Power House at Highland
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8:09 pm


Open Prep



20 goblet squats

10/10 single leg toe touch unilateral

15 pass throughs

5 tgu per side

1' pigeon per side

1' shin to wall per side

foam roll 5'

snatch warmup pvc

12' to find max 3-pos snatch

10' to find heavy single front squat

15' AMRAP:

10 ghd situp

10 hip extension

10 thrusters 135/95#




.50mile run

50 jumping jacks

3 rounds

10 air squats

10 trx pullups

Then, foam roll 5' 

Then, complete the following:

As many rounds as possible in 3'

10 pushups

20 wallball

30 situps

Rest 90"

Repeat for 4 rounds


Extra Credit: Tabata Row







10:40 am

Play to Your Potential: The Role of the Off-Season in Youth Sports Part 1


Ask any elite or professional athlete and they will tell you exactly how important their off-season is to their in-season performance. European tabloids often show top-level football (soccer) players lounging on the beach sporting love-handles and a funny caption. NHL players are notorious for their high-intensity off-season dryland workouts. Those NHL players that I’ve worked with always take a few weeks to do nothing before getting into the gym and when they do, they start from scratch with light weights and body weight activities designed to reset their connective tissue and neuromuscular system to a baseline that allows them to build a foundation of strength, durability and explosive power just in time for preseason. NBA players are known to travel to exotic locations to do a couple weeks of yoga and relax their bodies after months and months of banging away on the hard-wood. Pro tennis players will skip a tournament here or there when they need to take time away from the court. Even endurance athletes, the most compulsive and consistently overtrained group of athletes of them all, understand how crucial it is to rest the body seasonally and annually. While NCAA athletes may not understand the role or importance of time-off, their coaches do, and they are forced to rest at different points throughout the year. High School athletes seem to be the only group out there failing to grasp how critical the off-season is to development and injury prevention. The goal of this blog/article is to define the purpose of the off-season and it’s role in optimizing performance and preventing injury.

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