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Big day today:

Duane headed up to the Birkie to go after the short course championship for his age group.

St. Paul United Playing in the State Tournament Quarterfinal tonight at 8pm at the XCel Energy Center for the right to call themselves one of the top 4 teams in Class A Girls Hockey!!!!! #beastmode 


I am going to start posting some focused programming around improving your 2k Concept 2 time. We have had a specific request around this. It is going to be 3.5 weeks and it will be pretty intense but you will get faster and stronger on the erg which is good if you're a rower or if you're after just improving your fitness. The plan is 3-4 days of rowing and 2-3 days of Strength/CrossFit. 

Erg Workout: 3 x 2k: 3' rest. The first one should be aggressive (90% of your PR pace) and the next two should be as close as possible to the first time. 



12' to find 2RM Hang Snatch

12' 3RM Back Squat + Chinups


30 Split Jump or Lunges

10 burpees

10 ballslams 25/15

30 Split Jump or Lunges

15 burpees 

15 ballslams

30 split jumps or lunges

20 burpees

20 ballslams

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Midline: t2b/r + ghr


JYD: Same as P1/P2 except 3-pos clean + Back Squat 5x3



30' Sumo Deadlift 3RM or 15x:30"--5 rounds American Swing + 3 Rds 5 Sumo Deadlift 10 Front Squat 30" OH Plate hold


20x American Swing: 30" rest/5 Rounds

Strict Press 3RM in 10' 

Push Press

1RFT For Distance and Reps

2' Row

2' Burpees

2' Row

2' Situps



Open Prep: 

Back Squat 4x3 @ 90%

Power Snatch: Work to a 5RM (touch and go) 

Snatch Balance: Work to a 5RM

Mainsite workout: 


5 30"/24" Box Jumps

3 Cleans 225/155#