140224 Legit

P1/P2/60' CorpFit/Open Prep

Warmup for the Snatch, Jump Rope

10' EMOM 2x Power Snatch

4 Rounds: 90" rest between rounds

20 Double Unders

15 wallball

10 power snatches 95/65

4 Rounds for quality: 
ME Ring Pushups

S/A Row

Weighted Situp 



Row Wod

1k mod, 250m, 500, 1k, 500, 250, 1k mod (do the ladder 3-5" faster than your 2k pr and rest 1:1) do core and mobility as well 30'


If you have any interest in fitness as a scientific or general construct, this is worth watching: 




Runners Prep --testing and Day 1 footwork, JRC


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