140311 Trustworthiness

From Coach Mark Divine:

Trustworthiness is the glue that holds relationships and teams together.

To better understand this concept, let's dispel some common myths about trust:

I. Trustworthiness is a soft skill only. Wrong. Trust is a combination of soft and hard skills. 

II. Trustworthiness is developed slowly, over time. Wrong. It can be created and destroyed quickly. The key is to develop the habit of maintaining trustworthiness at all times, which takes discipline. 



Hang clean and jerk (above knee) Max

Back Squat 20RM, Front Squat ME

1' Wallball, 1' burpees 3rds for reps


Corp Fit

Press 1RM 

2 x 2' Jump Roper

Wallball/Burpee 3 rds for reps, 1' each


Clean + 5x Thruster + 4x Lunge

40 burpee

50 airsquat

60 clean and push press

70 OH lunge

80 STC

EC: Speed deadlift, hollow rock, weighted chins and pushups