Name:  Eli Krahn                                    

Age: 16           

Wheelhouse: Jump Rope                       

Goat: OH Squat

School: Stillwater High School

Favorite Workout Song: Good Times, Bad Times- Led Zeppelin

Health Secret: Run a lot.

Desired Superhero Power:  Is being a wizard a superpower?

Shout Out To: Heidi Knuteson for being awesome all year and

always being ready to help me.


The stats on Eli speak for themselves. He ran the fastest 1600m time for

a high school freshman (4.09) in 2013, and was the winner of 2014

Minnesota State 1600m and 3200m. His excellence on the track is mirrored by his excellence in so many other aspects of life. We have the pleasure of getting to know Eli as both an athlete and part-time staff at The Power House. Eli came to us in 2013, looking for additional strength training and coaching to supplement his rigorous track and cross-country programming. Right away, Eli’s special nature showed itself. He has a quiet steadiness about him that makes him seem far older and mature than his 16 years.


In addition to his training, Eli began to work at the gym before and after his sessions, helping with administrative tasks and special projects. He is one of the most self-motivated people we’ve ever met. He applies his intelligence and thoroughness to every task he does, no matter how small. That same focus and concentration, of course, is what makes him such an extraordinary athlete. While training with us at The Power House at Highland, he has shown his willingness and ability to expand his routine and try new ways of training. This is a testament to Eli’s character and mental toughness, since his ability to take risks shows the confidence and competitive edge necessary to reach new levels in his athletic development. His dedication to staying healthy and injury-free has us so excited for future track seasons.


Eli has clearly achieved great things in his young life, but he carries himself with authentic humility and graciousness. No matter what you throw at Eli, he is up to the task. His calm demeanor can be misleading; like a duck floating across the water, we all know his capable legs are pumping hard underneath! We are honored to work with such a special young man, and are certain that he will pursue all his life accomplishments with the same integrity and determination that we have seen thus far. Go Eli!