2015 OPEN at The Power House/Side Door Crossfit!

If you’ve been in the gym in the past few weeks you may have seen the board with things regarding an ‘Open’ written on it or heard me trying to cajole you into participating in this ‘Open’ with temptations of a disco ball. The Open is about community and I can’t think of anything better than spending five weeks working out with the amazing people we have The Power House/Side Door Crossfit.

The Open is an annual event in Crossfit that is happening for the fifth year starting on February 26th and ending March 30th. The Open is a chance for crossfitters around the world to participate in one workout a week and see where they stack up in their gym, the state, their region and the world. It’s the first step if you are trying to get to the Games or PR your toes to bar or just start seeing how far you’ve come since you’ve started crossfitting.

There are lots of reasons to do the Open and here are a few:
1.     There will be a disco ball on Friday nights.
2.     It will be fun.
3.     It will be hard but it will end.
4.     You get to hang out with your friends and lift things.
5.     You are stronger than you think, better than you think and might do something for the first time.
6.     It’s March in Minnesota.
7.     You’ll be inspired.

How it works:
*Runs from Feb. 26th – March 30th.
*Workouts are released at 5 pm on Thursday.
*Scores must be judged by an official judge to be submitted.
*Scores must be entered by 5 pm Monday.

Here’s the breakdown on the workouts:

15.1: Feb. 26 -March 2
15.2: March 5-9
15.3: March 12-16
15.4: March 19-23
15.5: March 26-30

 This year there are a couple changes. For the first time ever there is a scaled version. See the video below and ignore Dave Castro’s use of air quotes regarding ‘simple’ movements. The interview doesn’t give us a lot of info but now you know who to direct any curses at during this five-week period. Point is: they are trying to make this more accessible. You can do this.

Scaled Interview w/Dave Castro

The second thing changing is the regional events will be harder to get into and each region will be competing against another region before deciding who gets to advance to Carson City. They are also adding some state rankings – not a lot of detail about this but it’s worth watching.

We will be running the Open workouts on Friday nights at 5:30 class, Saturday morning at 9 am and Sunday morning at 8 am. This is your chance to come in and do the workout and get judged with an official (a coach) so you can enter your score. You have to perform the workout at an official affiliate and be judged to enter a score. Watch for more details about signing up!

If you are travelling drop in at a box in the city you are in and do the Open there. Call ahead or contact them if this is going to be the case but most crossfits during the Open will have opportunities for people to do the workouts during this five-week period.

At The Power House we will have sign up sheets for heats since everybody can’t go at the same time and get judged. The coaches will be judges. We will also be practicing movements that are in the Open. This is great if you are planning to RX the workouts or scale them. The board by the clock as a list going about these movements but start focusing on full extension of your elbows in pushups, pull ups and all overhead movements. If you are worried that you can’t do everything in all the workouts, join the club. A lot of people can’t but you can do more than you think. And next year when the Open rolls around you’ll get a chance to see all the progress you’ve made.

How it works:
1.     Go to games.crossfit.com to register. It costs $20 and registering takes about two minutes.      Remember to pick Side Door Crossfit as your affiliate!
2.     Come to the gym. Workout and write your name on the Open board.
3.     Eat lots of protein.
4.     Drink lots of water.
5.     Sleep.
6.     Find the things you love in your life and love them.

If you are worried you will finish last out of everybody everywhere, this guy did last year and he seems pretty awesome:

Here’s a video for inspiration:
I'm Doing the Open 2015