We asked, you answered, we responded! Survey results and actions taken..

Thanks to everyone who completed our survey. It is always good to hear directly from our awesome community what you like and what you'd like to see. We are working to take action on many of the suggestions you offered, and the following are a list of updates in response to your constructive feedback (thanks for the positive feedback too!!!).

Please always feel free to send your thoughts our way, and thanks for your help making our gym even better!
  • 5pm Tuesday All Levels CrossFit class added to schedule- please come! We will add Thursday as well if this class gains in popularity.

  • We are examining schedule and forsee a 5:30am CrossFit class, Gentle Yoga class, "CrossFit Yoga" classes, perhaps some 7am and 8am classes, and some Bootcamps in the future. Also working on a "Midline & Mobility Express" class..

  • Many mats and blue pads were disposed of and current mats are continued to be regularly cleaned. In the future, we plan to only allow mat use without gym shoes on, and ab mats are to be used for shin to wall (not the blue pads). They get trashed and dirty as soon as shoes hit them!

  • We have ordered new sets of 10lb and 15lb plates to arrive soon! Please remember to switch to 25lb plates once you've got a few tens and fifteens on your bar.

  • A new dumbbell rack for upstairs

  • Great suggestions on the retail products you would like to see! New shirts are arriving next week, and we will be working on supplying more products in the future.

  • We have multiple community events planned in the next few months- Lululemon event, meet-up at Regionals, Movie Night on June 20, and more! 

  • Competition programming is in place, and look out for Side Door CrossFit members at upcoming competitions! Sara Ford is rocking Mayhem in Mankato May 15-17 and Granite Games are coming up as well and we are creating a "community" of athletes to compete.

  • Shoe rack installed, floor mats replaced, and lobby reorganized- next, the basement!!!

  • Bathroom cleaning and stocking schedule implemented

  • Front space equipment reorganized and returned to proper places