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11:16 am

Recover Like a Champ!

Believe it- the most important aspect to your success as an athlete is REST & RECOVERY!! If this is missing or being neglected, overtraining and injury susceptibility increases.  To continue to progress in the gym and meet your goals don't neglect your rest.  See why below: 

Rest days allow for physiological and psychological benefits that are vital to your progress as an athlete.

Physiologically, rest allows the body to learn from and adapt to the recent physical stress, repair muscles, rebuild, and be stronger and better prepared for the next workout.  In CrossFit we believe in relative intensity and work to dial in our athletes’ workouts to an intensity level that that is challenging but doable.  The result is an adaptation that continuously pushes you to become stronger, more skilled and faster.  But the CRAZY PART is that this adaptation takes place during the rest and recovery phase, not during the workout! Too much intensity or too little recovery stunts the adaptation creating an athlete that is headed towards a plateau or injury rather than continuous improvement.  Continuous improvement is our ultimate goal.

Psychologically, and when viewed correctly, rest days give us a mental edge in workouts.  When an athlete embraces the time off they come back stronger and work harder in workouts.  Many athletes feel guilty about their rest days and instead waste tons of mental energy worrying about not working our rather than reaping the benefits.  Embracing these days and strategically planning them into your weekly workouts will aid you in reaching your goals at a faster rate.

CrossFit prescribes 3 days on 1 day off, but that doesn't necessarily work well for everyBODY.  Listening to your body and finding what works well for you is the best prescription.  Understanding the difference between rest and recovery is important. 

Recovery refers to techniques and actions taken to maximize your body’s repair. These include hydration, nutrition, posture, heat, ice, stretching, self-myofascial release, stress management, compression, and time spent standing versus sitting versus lying down. Recovery is multifaceted and encompasses more than just muscle repair. Recovery involves chemical and hormonal balance, nervous system repair, mental state, and more.

Rest is most easily defined as sleep and time spent not training.  Sleep is the most important time to recover.  Adequate levels of sleep (7+ hours) help to provide mental health, hormonal balance, and muscular recovery.  Give your body the chance to recharge, repair and regrow during sleep.

What should your recovery schedule look like???

Glad you asked.

We have three Yoga classes and three Midline & Mobility classes on our schedule currently. This is more than just a "token" effort on our part to provide recovery classes to our members. We believe in Yoga, Pilates, and mobility work as tools to recover from CrossFit and life- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.  

Tim & Laura Yoga classes and Meredith's Movement and Mobility class is an awesome way to get a structured, well-coached recovery day.  Be mindful of allowing your brain and body to recover.  Not only will you find strength gains and new PRs, you will avoid plateaus, overtraining and injury.

We expect at least a 3:1 ratio of CrossFit to recovery classes for our members each week. Make the time, people! We want to see our athletes doing CrossFit and their sports for many many years. These hours spent recovering well will keep your body happy and healthy, teach you better positions of flexion and extension for your strength work, and build flexibility, core stability, and coordination that will pay off big in your skill work.

NEXT BLOG POST: Details on proper nutrition to maximize recovery.