Annie Hart "Suprise Yourself"


We are very proud of our pro Cross Country Skier Annie Hart, who just returned from her first World Cup experience in Canada. On her way to Canada she made time to stop home to train and collect herself. Competing against the top athletes in the world in your sport is a daunting undertaking that is only amplified by having never done it before. Annie was in the gym almost everyday that she was home before the WC and she was crushing it! The expectation for endurance athletes in season is that they experience a loss of the strength gains that they built up over their offseason training.

With Annie and a couple other athletes I have worked with over the years, I have seen that this isn't always the case. Certain athletes are able to wrap their minds around the somewhat contradictory idea that POWER, SPEED, and ENDURANCE are not mutually exclusive. Yes, that is a shoutout to @iamunscared because that wisdom comes down from him. I will add this: I have seen many endurance athletes whether they are runners or skiers or swimmers who are scared of the idea of combining the pursuit of power with the pursuit of speed and endurance. That fear holds them back and leaves them second guessing themselves on the starting line.

When I started working with Annie about a year ago, I could see right away that she was determined to learn and acquire everything that could help her achieve her goals. She was taking things we were working on in the gym and applying them to her sport without asking permission. That is the process that allows an athlete to rapidly change their physiology and sport-specific athleticism. The mind is a whole different story.

Annie made so much progress and navigated the sometimes murky waters of elite competition successfully this year. So it was not surprising to me that there was a sense of disbelief when she came home before heading off to Canada to ski in the races that she had been gunning to qualify for all year. While watching her destroy everything I asked her to do in the gym, I knew she was more than ready but sensed that she was nervous. On her way out the door I told her, "You're ready. Enjoy it. Surprise yourself." What I meant was, don't be intimidated by anyone and don't underestimate what your capable of.

Annie provides a fabulous account of her experience in her blog: http://www.annie-hart.com/ski-blog/

It was no surprise to me she had multiple finishes in the top 40 in the world. This girl is headed for great things and will definitely keep surprising all of us for years to come. We @powerhighland are very proud of all you've accomplished this year. @3fu3l @smst2xc. #unscared #breathe #wisdomwednesday #winyourlife