Gunnar Regan: The Guy Behind the Barbell

Gunnar has always been active. From being a three-sport athlete in high school to playing collegiate Hockey at Augsburg, he has always been passionate about sports and fitness. Throughout his life and throughout sports, Gunnar has strived for excellence and has aimed to be the best person and athlete he could be. In fact, during his college hockey career, Gunnar searched for new ways to challenge himself in ways hockey could not. It was this desire for self-improvement that led him to leave the sport of hockey to pursue CrossFit full-time.

At first, CrossFit was just something Gunnar had heard about in high school, not holding any real significance or value. However, the minute he walked through The Power House doors he knew that with enough training he would one day win the infamous, ever-so-challenging CrossFit games. With the mindset that anything is possible, Gunnar began training purposefully, testing his limits and tracking his progress. After establishing goals, he even started to compete in online qualifier competitions.

Without much training, Gunnar ranked in the top 8.2% in the world during the 2015 CrossFit Open – his first online qualifier. After a year of training with Logan, learning explosive movements from Nick, programming workouts with Max and getting moral support from Jill, his athleticism was taken to the next level. At the 2016 CrossFit Open he improved leaps and bounds and jumped to the top 1.9% in the world – a huge accomplishment to say the least.

More recently, Gunnar competed in the Prx GameDay qualifier where he had fifteen days to complete 3 grueling workouts. This time he ranked first out of all the participants, allotting him a spot in the Prx GameDay Championship coming up December 17 and 18. His workout and recovery regimen has been strict and fierce – training 6 days a week for 3-5 hours at a time – all in hopes of winning this competition.

Gunnar exudes determination and strength, and is someone who is truly winning his life. There are truly no limits for Gunnar and he will overcome any obstacle thrown his way. Gunnar is such an inspiration to his friends, family and the entire Power House community. We are all wishing him the best of luck at his upcoming competition, and will be in the stands cheering him on.  

Gunnar is joined by other Power House members Isabel D’aquila and Sara Ford, so join us in supporting them. Find more information about the event and get tickets here. See you there!