The Power House at Highland
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2:44 pm

17.4 Spotlight – Nathan Zietlow

Repeat workouts have been known to come out during the Open. They just has grueling as the first time, but they also give you an idea of how far you’ve come – and 17.4 was no exception. So many athletes at The Power House improved their scores and felt like their hard work had really paid off. This was especially true for Breakfast Club regular, Nate Zietlow, who really blew us away with his improvement! Nate would tell you that this workout last year “killed him”, but this year he had a better plan and tackled the workout like a champ. He rocked all the deadlifts, which were 150% of his body weight, and he even got in his fair share of handstand push ups. One of our core values is Kaizen, or constant improvement, and it’s great to see this value in action out in our community. Congrats again, Nate! You are inspiring us all, and we’re excited to celebrate your continued progress. Learn more about Nate:

Name: Nathan Zietlow 
Why do you CrossFit: It's the best overall fitness program I've found.  I like the constant variation and it requires learning new skills and getting outside your routine and comfort zone.  And I like the community aspect of it.
What does the CrossFit Open mean to you:  It's a way to test progress and brings the community together in a fun way.  It's also humbling.
Best and most challenging part of 17.4: For sure the deadlifts - 150% of my body weight.  Last year it killed me. This year I was more organized and had a better plan.  
Best piece of training advice: Stay consistent. Make health and fitness a priority and don't forget the mobility before and after workouts!
Favorite workout beats: I roll with whatever the coaches like.  Not too fussy.
Favorite recovery tool: Lots of mobility. Can never do too much shin-to-wall and always have a lax ball around to smash whatever is ailing.
Shout out to: The 5:30 am breakfast club for showing up every week day and all of the PH coaches

2:34 pm

#CardioWOD 3/22

Wim hof 5x 20" hard 40" easy --- Mobility: Shin to wall Hamstring Floss Pigeon Middle Splits Foam roll Plantar smash Pass throughs --- Prep: Crossover Symmetry Cook hip lift x 5/5 PB Stir the pot x 4-6 per direction --- CARDIO WOD: Every 10' for 4 rounds 500m row 40/30 Cals on assault bike 500m row --- Accessories: 3 rounds PB Reverse Hyper x 15-20 X-men x 20 TGU x 1/1

5:10 am


6 Sets
Single leg deadlift, trap bar, or kb deadlift x 8-12
4-6 TRX or Parrallete Pushups
Complete 1 set every 2' x 12'

***hold at 60% across
Complete 1 set every 2' x 12'

EMOM 20'
1- 45" DU Practice
2- 12 Alt DB Snatch 6/6 or BB Hang Power Snatch x 12
3- 30 Shoulder Taps
4- 40" hollow hold or rock

EMOM 20'
1- 50 DU
2- 12 Power Snatch 75/55#
***keep both movements under 40" or scale reps/load