The Power House at Highland
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11:37 am

September 2014 Beast of the Month- Sarah Risser

Name: Sarah Risser

Age: 47

Wheelhouse: Backsquats and erg pieces

Goat: Turkish Get Ups

Favorite Workout Song: Remember the Name (Styles of Beyond, Fort Minor) 

Health Secret: Gratitude

Training Advice: Mix it up! Cross train and get involved in different activities. Do as much yoga as your schedule allows.

Desired Superhero Power: Invisibility

Shout Out To: To Nate, for being so hard working and supportive.

September’s Beast of the Month, Sarah Risser, is a perfect example of what hard work and dedication to consistent and smart training can accomplish. Sarah’s passion is rowing, and she has been coming to The Power House at Highland, with her fantastic and beast-worthy husband Nathan Zietlow, since the beginning. She has clear goals for herself, and uses her time in class to push herself and grow as an athlete. She participated in last spring’s Whole Life Challenge, and her energy and enthusiasm was a great buoy to the rest of the team. This season, she crushed her rowing competitions- we are so proud! She says the highlight of this summer's rowing season was competing at US Rowing's Masters Nationals in Grand Rapids MI, with the competitive women from the Minneapolis Rowing Club. 34 MRC women competed on a 1000-meter course, winning the women's points trophy by a wide margin. Sarah had a number of personal successes as well, taking first place in the Women's Lightweight Quad, the Women's Club C8+, and the Women's B quad, as well as third place in the Open C8+ and the women's D quad. Well done on a great season, Sarah- you’re a beast!