The Power House at Highland
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12:33 pm


Name: Clare Flanagan
Age: 18
School: The Blake School class of 2014, Stanford University class of 2018
Day Job: Salesperson at Marathon Sports Run/Walk
Wheelhouse: Deadlifts and single-leg squats
Goat: Cleans and pushups
Favorite Workout Song: “Self-Taught” by Brother Ali
Health Secret: Early-spring ice baths in Lake Harriet
Desired Superhero Power: Mind reading
Shout Out To: To Max, of course, for helping me stay healthy and strong now and throughout my high school career. Another shout out to my teammate and antagonist Michael Mitchell. Keep the Blake distance tradition strong and hold down the fort while I'm in Cali :)

WE LOVE CLARE FLANAGAN!!! Max began training Clare as she entered the high school running scene in 2010 and was looking to add additional strength components to her already robust athleticism. Clare has accomplished so much during her high school career. She is a six-time Minnesota Class A champion, winning four titles in track and two in cross country. She has been a double winner at state in the 1,600 and 3,200 the past two years. Wow!

On top of her athletic achievements, Clare is a phenomenal academic student, as well as musician, friend, and family member. Max says of Clare, “Clare is one of the greatest and fiercest athletes I have ever know. There is nothing she cannot do that she puts her mind to.” We know Clare to be a kind and gracious young woman, who regularly brings us all to tears when we watch her race because her passion and drive exudes from her very core. We are so excited for her next chapter in life at Stanford University, but we will sorely miss her around the gym. Clare- we are always here to support and love you!