Ready to kickstart your fitness? Love yoga, but are new to CrossFit? Love CrossFit, but need some yoga in your life? Sounds like you're ready for The Power House Bootcamp!


Take the best of yoga and strength training and turn it into a powerful stimulus for building muscle, losing fat, increasing flexibility, and gaining a heightened understanding of functional movement. Our two-week bootcamp will build awareness of your natural physical abilities, provide insight into lifestyle and whole life wellness, and introduce you to new modalities in strength training and yoga asana.


Upcoming Bootcamp Dates: Monday, May 5 - Friday, May 16


Times: 6:00am-7:00am class Monday-Friday


Class Style: Yoga warmup, Mobility, Skill Work, Circuit/WOD (High Intensity Workout), Yoga Cool Down


Prerequisites: No prerequisites required. The bootcamp will be a fantastic blend of yoga and weight/strength training, and will be a perfect introduction to both worlds if one or both are new to you. Our expert coaches can provide extra challenge for the advanced or intermediate athlete, and modifications and attention for the beginning athlete.


Things to Bring: Yoga mat, water, an open mind, and a willingness to learn and work hard!


Cost: $225 for ten classes, or $202.50 for a recurring 10 package that allows you to continue in Power House classes once Bootcamp is complete or take the next Bootcamp.



Sam: Sam began his yoga practice to rehabilate sports-related injuries he sustained over time.  Yoga enhanced his ability to recover faster while building core strength and stability. Sam has now taught yoga for over three years, and sees major benefits in creating mental focus and strength, in addition to physical.


Jordan: Jordan started strength training at Trinity High School in Louisville, KY as a member of the track team and has been at it ever since. A constant reader and continuing education lover he is a certified personal trainer, Crossfit Level 1 coach and FMS certified. Jordan specializes in bringing newcomers to the gym up to an advanced level and is also skilled at working with an injured population. 


Register: Click Here to register for the one-time $225 package or,


Click Here to register for the $202.50 recurring package. Choose Power House Perpetuals in the menu bar, then select the 1st option in the drop-down menu, the 10 Group Classes- Recurring package. Contact or call 651.699.4864 with questions.

I've loved every class of my bootcamp with Jordan and Sam. I was suprised how much muscle I gained and how toned I felt in two weeks! They make hard training very fun, and they know how get results and be safe at the same time. It was fun getting to know the other participants, and I will definitely do another bootcamp in the future!

-Anna B.