Where are you located?

We are at the back side door entrance of 617 S. Snelling Ave. There are 2 parking spaces reserved at Dominos on Snelling and Bayard, and 4 more in the lower lot of O'Halloran and Murphy at Snelling and Hartford. Please look for these spots first, or parking on Snelling Ave. Parking on Bayard and Hartford is available, but is disruptive to our residential neighbors, so please be considerate! Come down the sidewalk on the north side of the building and you will see the door for our main entrance!


Are you just a CrossFit gym?

Yes, and No. We love CrossFit, and it is one of the most formative influences on the style of coaching we teach, but we also identify ourselves as a broader strength and conditioning facility that pulls from multiple genres and approaches. Our head coaches are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, and oversee all our programming to include elements of Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting and utilize the Functional Movement Screens (FMS) to test for movement and mobility challenges. For those interested in sports-specific training, we create programs that are particular to the rigors and demands of that sport. You will find yoga and pilates in our classes as well. Our space lends itself to a slightly different function than most CrossFit boxes, which has allowed us to create this blended mix of functional and performance-based movement.


CrossFit scares me. Will I be able to handle it?

Yes! The Power House at Highland is passionately dedicated to making elite training accessible to EVERY person who walks through our doors. Each workout can be scaled or modified to suit any fitness level. This means that a beginner and an advanced athlete can take the same class, but the programming and workout is adjusted according to each athlete’s fitness level and needs. Each of our classes will offer a P1 level program, which focuses on movement prep and proper mechanics, with bodyweight, kettlebells, and dumbbells and the main forms of external loads. Our P2 programming is for athletes who complete our P2 standards are introduce more complex movements, including barbells and Olympic Lifts. We teach our athletes how to scale and modify workouts and our coaches always provide modifications in our regular group classes. We have an atmosphere of non-judgment and total encouragement, so there is absolutely no reason to feel intimidated by what others around you are doing. All we ask is that you give it your best, and stay consistent enough in your workouts to start seeing results.


I've got injuries/special needs. Will you be able to accommodate me?

Of course. Depending on the situation, we may encourage one or more private sessions with a coach to assess your needs and creating a personalized plan for your training. Contact us if you have any questions.


I'm already an elite athlete. Can I just jump right into group classes?

Have you been regularly squatting, deadlifting and pressing? How about snatching and cleaning barbells? We have (high) movement standards and we ant everyone to be safe and healthy for the long term as members at The Power House. While we do not demand any prerequisites to jump into our group classes, we highly encourage new athletes to check out the intro class or book a private session in order for our coaches to assess you and for you to get more information on the right program for you.


Are you a membership-based gym?

We price our services through different memberships and packages. This allows each individual, family, and team to combine services and create the exact personalized plan they need. Visit our pricing page to find our more.


Do you have showers?

You bet! We have two showers available for our athletes. Please bring your own towel.


What is your cancellation policy?

Private coaching appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance and can be done through your Mind Body account or calling/emailing your coach directly. Because it is difficult for our coaches to re-book their appointment times on short notice, athletes who cancel their appointments late will be charged for the appointment. In addition, private coaching series expire within 6 months of the first session of your package, and group classes expire 4 months from the first session of your package.


I'm interested in becoming a Power House intern or coach. How do I find out more?

We are excited to work with individuals interested in pursuing careers in the strength and conditioning industry, as opportunities allow. Please visit our work opportunities page for current offerings and contact us to find out more.






“As a long time track and cross country coach, I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of strength coaches and programs.  Max is the only strength coach that integrates the strength program with the customized running training program.   He listens to the athlete and their sport specific coach – providing a better experience and results for the athlete.   Max is the only program I recommend to student-athletes seeking a strength training program!”

- Keith Clark