The Power House's GIRL P-O-W-E-R CAMP is a week-long adventure of physical activity, creative expression, and self-discovery. Geared for girls ages 11-14, this experience will provide activities that help each girl discover what inspires her in the world and how to create the life of her dreams! Each day will have a physical practice, such as CrossFit, Yoga, or hiking, as well as group and individual activities that explore big picture concepts and skills such as stress management, community building, goal-setting, and gratitude.

Dates: August 14-18, 2017
Times: 9AM- 11:15AM (please arrive and pickup on time)
Cost: $200.00 per camper
Items to bring each day: Water bottle, clothes to sweat in, any necessary medications.

Week At A Glance:

Monday: Possibilities
Focus: Finding connection as a group, jumping into a strength-based workout!

  • Get to Know Our Group activities
  • Aspirational Ladies Panel!
  • Create Your Mantra
  • Team Workout

​Tuesday: Outdoor Adventures
Focus: Getting outside, sweating outdoors, spending alone time in nature, tapping into creativity and sense of wonder.

  • Hike and workout at Crosby Bluffs Park
  • Create Your Earth Art

Wednesday: Winning Your Life
Focus: Creating and examining your dreams and passions, quieting the mind and learning about breath work, yoga, and meditation

  • Create Your Vision Board
  • Yoga class

Thursday​: Exploring the Future
Focus: Learning to design a goal and the steps to achieve it, putting in the hard work and celebrating victory!

  • Create Your Goals (dreams + goals done with ivivva by lululemon)
  • "Big Workout" (most challenging of week)

Friday: Reflections & Resolutions
Focus: Reflecting on the week's learning and activities, stepping into sense of confidence, closure and looking forward to what comes next.

  • Create Your Legacy Letters
  • Final Workout
  • Flower Crowns Creation

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