Mobility and Recovery For Runners

Planning to run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 9, 2016? Or are you a runner who is looking to help correct common mobility issues?

Whether you run every day, after the bus or are looking to get back into it - this class is for you. We will focus on common mobility problems for runner that affect running positions, cause pain or injury and limit your time on the feet.

In this class we look at soft tissue for runners, recovery after a run or race and mobility work to incorporate on a regular or as needed basis.


Mobility issues happen to us all! The Power House at Highland also provides Midline and Mobility classes weekly to keep your body at peak performance.

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Midline & Mobility is an active recovery class that focuses on engaging your core to support mobility throughout your body, as well as lengthen and decompress your spine.

Our Midline & Mobility work pulls from the bodies of knowledge from yoga, classical Pilates, and mobilitywod, and we focus on mobilizing the entire body through movement. Pilates elements will work on flexing and extending throughout the body while developing more core capacity. The yoga and mobilitywod-style pieces will identify trigger points and inflexibility and provides movements and exercises to correct them.

Adding this class into your weekly training is a necessary for working on mobility issues, past injuries, and developing awareness in a low impact way that is beneficial to all athletes and lifters. We will pay special attention to developing a practice that benefits healthy shoulders, a healthy spine and core strength- all things critical to sport performance and CrossFit."
Dates: July 8-October 4, 2015

Days & Times & Types of Sessions:

GROUP RUNS (lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on programming)-
Monday 6:00pm
Wednesday 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am

Three CrossFit classes are expected from each participant per week.

1-2 Midline & Mobility classes are expected from each participant per week. 1-2 Yoga classes are expected from each participant per week.


The Power House at Highland Member & Private Client Rate: $299

Non-Member: Please contact us at or 651-699-4864 to discuss pricing options. As a portion of this program depends upon CrossFit and Midline & Mobility classes following our programming at the gym, our unlimited monthly members will be able to take these classes at no extra charge. Therefore, it would make most sense for non-members to join the gym, at least during the period of time of the marathon training program. Let's discuss what will work best for you!


Max Lipset: Max is an experienced running coach, working with some of the top short, mid, and long distance high school runners in Minnesota. He is on the track and field coaching staff at St. Paul Academy and Summit School, and has coached many college and adult runners to great success in their specific events. Max's gym hosted the CrossFit Endurance course in May 2014, and he has continued to foster relationships with the CFE coaching staff, including founder Brian Mackenzie. Visit Max's coaching page for more information and contact him at

Chuck Turner: Chuck is an experienced marathoner, CF-L1, CPT-NASM, and functional nutrition coach that is passionate about runner's health and longevity. He is just coming off a 16 week training program for the TC Mile race, and is looked forward to switching gears to a distance race. Visit Chuck's coaches' page for more information!