Our Story

We are a family-owned and family-run gym in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul, and we LOVE what we do. It is our highest goal to create a space for other families to become their healthiest and best selves, offering a variety of services to fit the unique needs of our clients. Our group memberships include CrossFit classes, Yoga, Pilates, Mobility classes, Kettlebells, and special workshops. We meet people where they are at, and are known for our welcoming and inclusive community. We also have daily CrossFit classes for youth athletes, and our professional coaches deliver the highest quality private training, sports-specific team training, corporate fitness programs, and health coaching services.

The Power House Values, Vision, Mission Statement & Rallying Cry:


We believe that the personal and collective values of our staff are what make it possible to express the vision and mission of the business. Our core values are integrity, acts of service, self-awareness, customization, virtuosity, and "kai-zen".

The integrity of our coaches creates a culture of professionalism, ethics, and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our clients place in us.

We pride ourselves on acts of service, identifying the needs in our community and taking action to address them. 

Developing our self-awareness, we continuously and consciously build knowledge of our own character- both our strengths and our areas of growth.

The customization of our services honor each person as an individual, with unique goals, motivations, and abilities, and a distinct journey towards wellness.

We lead by example by practicing virtuosity- doing the common uncommonly well- in ways large and small.

Approaching each day valuing "kai-zen," or constant improvement, we invest in hard and honest effort humbly and with an open mind.


A loyal and dedicated community of athletes inspired to pursue a lifelong love of fitness.


Living and working according to these values and vision, our mission is to provide intelligent, challenging, and progressive fitness services to people of all ages and abilities, cause no harm, and to build a strong and inclusive community that dares greatly in becoming the champions of their lives.


Win Your Life

Max Lipset started the whole operation back in college, when he began working as a Strength & Conditioning Coach in Southern California while playing collegiate soccer at Claremont McKenna College. Max bounced around the country and world playing soccer after college, always developing his interest and expertise in the sports-specific strength training world simultaniously. Finding himself back in Minnesota and settling down with a gal from his high school alma mater (St. Paul Academy), Max & Jill began to build their business, training people out of their garage, local gyms, domes, schools, and homes. St. Paul kids themselves, they jumped at the opportunity to enter into their first "bricks and mortar" space in Highland Park in 2013. They are dedicated to serving their local community with the best fitness services, while engaging in the national and global conversation of the evolving world of strength and conditioning.


Everyone is welcome at The Power House, and we are so excited as the family grows. Thank you for supporting us!