2014-15 Track & Field Prep Program: 
Speed, Strength, & Skill

The Power House at Highland is proud to introduce its first comprehensive Track and Field Prep Program, which will run for 15 weeks from November 23, 2014 through March 9, 2015. Orientation for program will be Sunday, November 23rd at 9am. Athletes are welcome to begin JYD training before that date.

This program will provide individualized comprehensive training resources for each athlete to reach his or her goals in the 2015 Spring Track Season. 

The program is set up to offer an individualized path to success in the spring for all track and field athletes, including those who are participating in a winter sport (like Nordic, Basketball or Hockey) and those training full-time for the spring season. 

Who: Competitive High School & College Track & Field Athletes, Multi-Sport Athletes, Nordic/Track combo Athletes

What: A comprehensive and competitive Track & Field Prep Program. Includes movement testing, strength & conditioning sessions, running technique sessions, midline and mobility classes, video analysis, lactate testing, and mental & performance coaching.

Where: The Power House at Highland & Side Door CrossFit. 617 Snelling Ave S. St. Paul, MN 55116

Benefits of the program:

  • Provide structured programming to arrive prepared for the spring season

  • Specified training for track and field events and races

  • Create a deliberate schedule in which to peak at right time during season

  • Bridge the gap between time that cannot be used with high school coach due to MSHSL rules

  • Build ten domains of fitness:
    • Cardiovascular/respiratory Endurance
    • Stamina
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Speed
    • Power
    • Agility
    • Balance
    • Coordination
    • Accuracy

  • Improve running technique and efficiency through drills and conditioning, with consistent video feedback and analysis

  • Buffer against injury and illness by building strength and skill and proper recovery habits

  • Create body awareness and longevity in a physically demanding sport

  • Train with like-minded and talented athletes and committed and knowledgable coaches

  • Create mental resiliency and performance focusing patterns

The Path to Success:

The T&F Prep Program is based on specific, individualized goal setting and then creating a path to reach those goals. Each athlete's path will include: 

  • UNLIMITED Junk Yard Dog youth strength training classes at the Power House (daily training times available, specific recommendations will be made for each athlete based on individual assessment) [$750 value], 

  • Running Technique and Training Sessions offered at least 2x per week: Sundays 9am and Tuesdays or Thursdays at 5pm. These sessions will be used to evaluate running technique and efficiency and to work running specific movement patterns, mobility and core strength. Weather permitting, runs may be held outside. Otherwise, we will use treadmills. It is recommended that full-time track athletes participate in both of these sessions per week. Winter Sports athletes should discuss frequency of these sessions with a Power House coach. Athletes can attend a JYD strength session before this running session, which optimizes their gym visits [$60 per session value] (see below for more info). 

  • Ongoing video analysis and technical feedback (each athlete's program includes 2 Coach's Eye Video Analyses) [$200 value] 

  • Lactate Testing: Each athlete will have two lactate tests included in their tuition (creates specific intensity prescriptions and gauges recovery) [$250 value], more testing is available at an additional cost. 

  • Programming: running workout support or programming (the Power House staff will design or oversee each athlete's run-specific programming) [$75/week value] 

  • Unlimited Midline and Mobility Classes: T&F Prep Athletes will have unlimited access to the Power House's Midline and Mobility Classes that are perfect for increasing core strength, mobility and facilitating recovery. [$25 value per class]. 

See here for schedule: http://www.powerhighland.com/class-schedule. 


Starts November 23rd, 2014 runs weekly through week of March 9th, 2015. 15 Weeks. 
Orientation and Testing is Sunday, November 23rd at 9am. Registered athletes can begin JYD classes before that date.


The tuition cost of the program is $750. The Power House Members price is $650. ***Additional lactate tests, video analysis and programming is available however additional costs may be incurred. Scholarships are available based on need. 


Multiple Programming Paths: 

The Power-House will provide 3 Programming Paths and will provide individualized plans for each athlete within the programming path that he/ she is following. 

Path I: Comprehensive Prep: Full-Time Track Prep. The Power House Coaches will help the athletes manage and plan Running Volume, Intensity, and Periodization to optimize progress, recovery and the health of the athlete. Each athlete's plan will be constructed based on the results of an initial assessment and on previous knowledge of the athlete's fitness and abilities. 

Path II: The Nordic & Track Athlete: There are many success stories of high school track athletes that have been avid Nordic Skiers during the winter. These athletes tend to get most of their aerobic and anaerobic volume on their skis. This focus of this path will be improving running technique and establishing an adequate base of mileage before the start of the season in March. This path will give Nordic/Track athletes the exact prescription of strength, endurance, skill, and speed before the start of the 2015 season. 

Path III: The Multi-Directional Track Athlete: The Multi-Directional Track Athlete plays basketball or soccer or hockey during the Winter Sports Season. This athlete is missing the aerobic base needed prior to the start of the Spring season as well as the running specific strength, technique and core work. This program will carefully manage the recovery of each athlete through the winter sports season to make sure that the athlete's goals are met both in the Winter and Spring Seasons. 

Soft Tissue Packages: 

Econ: Mini-Roller, 2 lax balls, 1 travel stick, 1 Osmo active. Price: $53.99 [Value $65.65]. Upgrade to a full-size roller for $59.99. 

First Class: Mini Rumble Roller, 1 lax ball, 1 peanut, 1 stick, 1 Osmo Active. Price: $89.99. [Value $110] 

Deluxe: Full Size Rumble Roller, 2 lax balls, 1 peanut, 1 stick, 1 Osmo Preload, 1 Osmo Active. Price: $129.99. [Value: $153.31] 

Supplement Packages:
M3, D3, Fish Oil. Price: $64.99. [Value $73].

Please direct questions to head staff at powerhighland@gmail.com or at 651-699-4864