Our next-level August Ultimate training camp is focused on progressing athletes through the fun, challenging, and dynamic game of ultimate frisbee. Players will work with each other to learn the proper skills of running, jumping, diving, and throwing to excel in the sport. Ultimate Strong will have a daily strength and conditioning component as well, teaching athletes to move well and build strength and power for sport applications.

In Ultimate, there are no referees, and players are responsible for knowing the rules and working together in the spirit of the game and sportsmanship. Ultimate Strong camp will teach all that, and more, creating an exciting summer of team work and healthy competition.

Coach Nick Simonelli is a world-class Ultimate player and coach. He is a performance specialist with a Masters in Kinesiology, a CSCS certificate, and deep experience playing and coaching Ultimate at the most elite levels worldwide. He is passionate about the game, and building a strong Ultimate community in Minnesota.

Ages 13+, all schools and experience levels welcome.

August sample daily schedule: Monday-Thursday, 11am-1:30pm
11:00-11:55am: Intros, warmups, drills, and strength & conditioning work
12:00-12:35pm: Lesson focus, progressions & drills
12:40-1:25pm: Game play in small and large groups

3 Week Camp (12 sessions): $300
10 Package (can be used throughout the summer): $300
One Day Fee: $35

***Interested in training in June and July this summer??? Contact Nick Simonelli to arrange a private, small group, or team training program to lead up to August Camp!

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