We are very excited for the Fall 2015 Whole Life Challenge! The challenge is a fun and effective tool for creating long-term change in ALL areas of your life. This eight-week program uses an online points system to track and log each participant's adherence to specific nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and extracurricular activities. The challenge is not designed to achieve perfection; it is about building awareness about our behaviors, our priorities, and where we can make small changes in our daily lives that will result in substantial and sustainable positive change.


This is our 4th time doing the WLC, and we learned that the team element is super important. The Challenge is a deeply personal experience, but also is a social game and a way to connect with other people who are looking to achieve whole life wellness. At the gym, we will be hosting events, contests, and activities to keep everyone motivated, engaged, and having fun. We'll also be offering 10% off all Pure Pharma vitamins (one supplement is a daily point-getter) for participants. Also- 10% off training and health coaching packages!


Sign up here!


Opening Ceremonies: Saturday, September 19, 1:00pm. Meet your fellow teammates, ask questions and get to know the process of the challenge, do the benchmark workout, take measurements.

Closing Ceremonies: Saturday, November 14 1:00pm. Final workout and measurements, POTLUCK CELEBRATION!

**Class fees and additional event costs are not included in WLC registration fees.


Online forums will continue throughout the whole challenge, and even if you are not local to St. Paul still sign up and we will support you from afar! 


Register directly for our team HERE and contact us at powerhighland@gmail.com with questions as well.