2016 Program: June 3-October 8
Fridays & Saturdays 2-5:15pm
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Mission & Vision: The mission of our teacher-training program is to provide a comprehensive movement practice education based within a classical yoga tradition and integrated through a functional movement lens. Our vision is a cohort of students who are knowledgeable practitioners of yoga who understand and apply both the physical and philosophical powers of yoga to their teaching. Our students will graduate from our program with many tools in their toolboxes, from those just starting down their road of teaching, to coaches who want to help their athletes find a deeper mind-body connection and reap the physical benefits that yoga provides, to yogis that understand the importance of functional movement and the role of strength within a yoga practice.


·      Longevity (health and wellness over the lifespan)

·      Svadiyaha (self-reflection and discovery)

·      Vulnerability (going outside your comfort zone and peeling back layers)

·      Curiosity (about what you don’t know or understand)

·      Efficiency (in movement, as well as students and instructors time)

·      Holistic approach (from a blended yoga and strength perspective, as well as physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual learning)

·      Integration (how we truly digest the holistic learning and live from a place of wholeness, as well as different perspectives of movement)


Anchors of The Program:

·      Intention: Sutra Sanculpa “Seed of Intent”

·      Journal Assignments and Reflection

·      Svadiyaha: self-discovery

·      Practice and Embodiment: personal yoga practice and teaching practice







"My experience with The Power House at Highland has been nothing short of fabulous.  Ashley shows up on time, is organized and is willing to push me to reach the goals we mutually establish.  The workouts are varied, challenging, substantive and tailored to my needs as a runner and cross-country skier.  Getting out of bed early is not a favorite thing of mine to do, but I can honestly say that working with Ashley and her associates at The Power House makes it worth it!"

Darren Ruschy,

In-home client